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  1. Jeriah

    Time-Skip: June 28th, 1206 AH 1:00 AM

    Land of Fire: - Shinobi of the LOF have successfully defeated and captured the nine-tailed tailed beast - Ketsugo Uzumaki has learned Edo Tensai - Ryojin has started nature training with Ketsugo Uzumaki and acquired slight boost stats due to fighting the nine-tails. Land of Water: - Captured...
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    Role Play Format

    INTRODUCTIONS Why is your character there? Describe it in at least two sentences. How long have they traveled to get where they are? What is their relationship to the person they are coming for? What are they doing while heading to meet up with the opponent? Running? Walking? Sitting on a tree...
  3. Jeriah

    The Rise of The Cardinal

    The destruction of the main five villages helped erased the history and traditions of the old ones, ending the hundred years of peace after the death of Naruto Uzumaki. Wiping out scientific ninja tool weaponry, accurate historical information, and burning existing peace treaties, the world...
  4. Jeriah

    Suzaku of the Demon Flames vs Ketsugo of the Inundating Ink vs Kyaro Nubatama

    The hidden Grassland Kakusareta Sōgen 隠された草原 The hidden Grassland spans over a 100miles of pure grass, hills, trees, bushes, and shrubs. The wildlife here is very meek and timid. They scare easily. The perfect place for three titans to do battle. First post - Suzaku Second Post - Kyaro...
  5. Jeriah

    Kiji Wall

    Kiji Wall (雉の壁, "Kiji no Kabe", Translation: "Pheasant Wall") The western wall of Ujidera castle; the western wall leads to a large gate which connects the castle grounds to a bridge. This bridge opens the castle up to a spacious, private forest which can be used to access the rest of the...
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    Village Gates (Kita Gate)

    Kita Gate (北門, "Kitamon") The kita gate (北門 north gate") is the northern gate of the village, the main village. Once inside the gates lead to a serene road with sakura petals on either side. After a few miles farm land and residential sections appear; guards are posted everywhere.
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    Newsletter - 5 Month Update

    5 Month Update Can you believe that it has been 5 whole months since we opened and I cannot express how appreciative of this community I am as well as the selflessness and kindness shown by the administrators, moderators and members - we’ve become like a...
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    President's Office

    Current being renovated. It is a large and spacious room on the top floor.
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    Pure Land

    Pure Land (浄土, Jōdo, Viz: Afterworld) Also known as the afterlife in which the souls of earthly beings generally reside in death. Souls that have been sealed, such as by the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, cannot enter the Pure Land until the seal has been released. Furthermore, only those souls...
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    Nomination Categories

    These are the official categories for the Naruto Data Hall of Fame. There are no other categories at the moment and any others will be denied. You do not have to submit nominations for each category but it is highly recommended that you do! May the nominations begin...
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    What is the Hall of Fame?

    The Naruto Data Hall of Fame is a celebration of spectacular creations submitted to the Naruto Data Wikipedia by members of the community. Community members nominate their favorite articles and an approved committee votes on the submissions. Hall of Fame voting is done once every three months...
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    Non-Playable Character Guidelines

    What is an NPC? NPC stands for "non-playable character" which comes from video games. The side-line avatars that you see which act as guides or even enemies are known as NPCs. They are not the personal characters of an individual and serve the purpose of carrying along a story for actual...
  13. Jeriah

    The Sozo Clan and Senescence/Telomerase Control

    I am no longer the lord of the Sozo clan (haven't been for several years) but I obviously still love it. With that being said I think that as more medics come into the fray that certain Sozo abilities should be patented, such as their ability to control telomerase/senecence. Basically the life...
  14. Jeriah

    Tedasuke Hot Springs

    Tedasuke Hot Springs (手助け, "Helpful Hot Springs") One of the many hot springs located in the village. Much like the others, Tedasuke has healing properties in the water which improve chakra-building and ones natural healing rate.
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    Lower Archives and Meeting Room

    Meeting room
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    Kaitenkama District

    Kaitenkama District (開店釜, "Open Kettle Shopping District") A district on the eastern border of the village where merchants and shoppers go to trade and sell things.
  17. Jeriah

    Mizunurumu River

    Mizunurumu River (水温む, "Warm Water") A long and winding river which cuts through the entire Land of Coins island. It is used as transport throughout the Petal Village. There are ferries which charge transport fees as well. The fresh water river is home to many fish that can only be found...
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    Petal Academy

    A shinobi school where ninja are educated in the village. It is next to the village's library and archives.
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    Tsume Clan Caves

    Tsume Clan Caves (爪, "Claw Clan Caves") is a large cave system that runs throughout the entire Land of Wolves. The Tsume clan often uses it to travel and communicate. There are actually two Tsume clans; the east and the west tribes. They generally share the same cavern system but they also tend...
  20. Jeriah

    Kōttanamida Village

    The Kōttanamida Village (凍った涙, "Frozen Tear Village") is an opulent village which acts as a stronghold for a warlord. The people within the village guard secrets and are enemies of the Tsume clan; they've been hunting them for several hundred years and using their bones as talismans and medicine.