How to get in Free Manhwa Wonderland Discord Server with NO PHONE NUMBER? POST YOUR DISCORD USERNAME# in this thread to be masked ACCESS to read manh.


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Discord username: hjdisj#2199
Is your discord account phone verified (by discord): no
Why? On another account


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How to access Free Manhwa Wonderland Discord with NO PHONE NUMBER?

Disclaimer: After you post, expect to wait approximately 24 hours to get masked.


NON-Phone users:

Post in this thread your Discord Username AND TAG, and we will manually mask you.


Example answers for "Why": because I don't trust Discord, or don't own a phone, or have a *different* account that's phone verified.)

Like that basically. The purpose is for me to find you and give you access! (The reason we only allow phone users is so someone doesn't create 10 Discord accounts to ban-evade/spam us.)
Disclaimer: This might take a day or two if we get a lot of requests.


Trust me it's going to make life so much easier if you just phone verified, OUR server is open-minded but there are many other Manga-only servers that try to protect their scans, so they require phone verification.
Discord Username: Vinny#7917
Is your Discord Account Phone-Verified (by Discord?): Yes


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Discord Username: Emilia#4415
Is your Discord Account Phone-Verified (by Discord?): No
If No, Why: I don't want to share personal information.