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  1. Why is your character there? Describe it in at least two sentences. How long have they traveled to get where they are? What is their relationship to the person they are coming for? What are they doing while heading to meet up with the opponent? Running? Walking? Sitting on a tree branch? Do they have any weapons out? How do they feel? How does their face look? Describe their clothes Describe the scenery, the sun, how the wind feels, the sounds you hear.

    - Q: What do you expect in an entrance post?
A: You expect the following: Setting description, Entrance description, Character appearance description; including arsenal, Character Motives, More; Minor things

-Q: What can I learn from others' fights?

A: Basically the following: Effective Strategy, Effective Fighting Style, New Jutsu, New metaphors, New similes

2. Q: What are the signs of a Fight mentality?
A: They do the following:
  • They counterattack instead of dodging.
  • They're always on the move and constantly sending attacks towards you, making various attempts to get in close range. In addition, they may be trying to box you in multiple angles, to make you stay in your current position.
3. Q: What are the signs of a Flight mentality?
  • A: They do the following. Wait for you to make the first move. They show no entrance of moving. They'll send single or powerful attacks, which will keep distance. If confronted with the close range they'll flee or force you to flee. So when you're fighting someone in a defensive stance, you gotta remember to trick them. Have them look one way and stab them in the neck from behind, use numbers and terrain advantage against them. Because you go defensive you lose the following. - Terrain Advantage
  • Atmosphere Advantage
  • Tactical Advantage

4. Q: What do you look for in a post?
  • A: You look for the following. Fighting Style, Strategy, Ambush, Decoy, and Counter.
Q: What does a strategy look like?
  • A: It looks like the following:
  • A: Fighting Style: Middle Range - Shurikenninjutsu,
  • A: Long Range - Genjutsu
  • A:Ambush: Lightning Clone Shuriken Jutsu
  • A: Decoy: Endless Sound Genjutsu; From Crows
  • A: Counter: None
  • A: Strategy: Offensive Long Jutsu - Words: 700-800 ATTACKING - CONJURING - How long did it take to conjure the technique? (Include interval between what your opponent has done or what you have done), How fast does the attack move? Where will the attack hit? When the attack hits, what will it do? How long will the effect of the attack take place? - Did you describe how wide the attack is? What about its length?
5. Q: What is expected in a perfectly detailed action?
  • A: The following: Time interval of when you started it; before an opponent did something or after they did something.
  • A: An explanation of what you did; manipulating chakra or cocking your hand back
  • A: An explanation as to how it works; you discharged chakra from your fist and transformed it into lightning
  • A: An explanation as to why you did it; because your opponent finished speaking or you sense the activity of chakra from them
  • A: An explanation of the cause of said action; the lightning will strike my opponent and destroy everything 5-meter radius
  • A: An explanation of the reaction; a boom erupted from the discharged and generated an illuminate flash of light
  • A: A time interval of when it ended; all this being done within a second and blinding to the naked eye
  • A: A time interval of when it will hit your opponent; by the time the opponent heard the discharge he would be hit.
  • A: An explanation as to how you survived; due to the attack will hit 20 meters away and its range being 5 meters, you will be safe

6. Q: How does the jutsu/move work? What are the downsides? What is the counter? (maybe) How to find genjutsu?

  • A: Sense the genjutsu chakra in the user body, through advanced chakra sensory
  • Q: What's the fastest genjutsu?
  • A: Sight Once you sit it, you're hit! There is no delay, there is no questioning, you see the target's finger and you're in it. You look into his eyes, and you're in it. It's this very fact that causes countless characters in the anime to look away from Uchiha's eyes. This was seen by Lady Chiyo, Kakashi, and even Kabuto. They're all in a specific generation who clashed with the Uchiha Clan, during its prime era. So when facing an Uchiha it's safe to not look at them, but at the same time show a sign of weakness. Because you're basically telling them, "By looking at you I will lose, here is my weakness so exploit it"

  • Q: How does one counter a genjutsu?
  • A: There are multiple ways, here they are!
  • A: Inflict pain on yourself before or during a genjutsu, which will keep you constantly breaking out See through it with your Sharingan. Redirect it towards the user with your Sharingan; if you see them while under the genjutsu change your physical structure to a state with no nervous system. Damage your nervous system; a blind man won't be caught in sight genjutsu, and a deaf man won't fall into sound genjutsu. Having a bijuu disrupt your chakra flow; therefore breaks you off the genjutsu. Breakthrough the genjutsu using your own chakra
  • Q: What are the possible ways of falling into a genjutsu?
  • A: 5 Ways, and here they are.Sight: Seeing something with genjutsu chakra; light, Sharingan, person, Sound: Hearing something with genjutsu chakra; which could be a melody, caw, claps. Smell: Sniffing something with genjutsu chakra; gas. Taste: Tasting something with genjutsu chakra; spores. Touch: Feeling something with genjutsu chakra; vibration, punch, grab

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