𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐎𝐟 𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐊𝐮𝐦𝐨𝐠𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐞




“Bleh,” the Saikōdaihyō spoke out as he tried to continue to search his pockets. There was a moment of hesitation before he continued speaking, he even smiled as he noticed that peculiar feeling of being watched. It was all too easy, he needn’t even use chakra sensory. The idea of someone somewhere thinking they were safe and hidden, but they weren’t at all. It was humorous to him. Whenever things like this happened, the others would notice his expression and catch on as well. Just like they had this time. However, they did not change anything in their actions or body language. Not only that but whatever chakra sensory mechanism they would be using to track the four they would find useless and would run into the same problem as the former Kazeage, each and every one of their clothes was created out of a unique, natural mineral present in the Land of Earth that would disrupt sensory of this form. Essentially, it’d be similar to static interference and the sensor would find nothing but their chakra being pushed away like a magnet repelling. They continued as is and the Saikōdaihyō continued to educate the others as he walked through the village. There were a few odd things about what was occurring though because one, the Raikage had a schedule of their arrival as a meeting had been scheduled. So they were not unknown and this was not random. And two, did he really send amateurs? The party of four turned a corner into an alleyway momentarily out of sight before reappearing on the other side. They continued walking, but as the second of the two assassins finished speaking they’d find a voice coming from right behind them as if it were right next to their ears.

“Is that so?” The Saikōdaihyō chuckled behind them, amused by their thought process. He was squatted down behind them, one of his arms resting across his knee and the other positioned over the top, his palm open holding his face up. There was a bored expression on his face and he clearly showed no intention of harming them. So whatever they decided to do would be the outcome of their consequences. “Enlighten to me as to why the Raikage has assassins following us?” The Saikōdaihyō said sharply and in a sight tone of irritation, “Is this an attempt of an assassination? I would love to hear from you two yourselves.” There were a few things that needed to be digested to what had just occurred. The first is, how had the Saikōdaihyō moved so quickly from that location to here? Had these two assassins glanced back over at the road, they’d still see the four clay clones, which would be indistinguishable without the proper procedure, walking toward the building and into it. Making their way through the office and into the Raikage’s office. These clones had been manifested in the blindspot of an alley. Which gave ample time for the Saikōdaihyō to leisurely move through the area and up behind these two assassins. How they had been located was even simpler. The fact they were trying to use a chakra suppression technique as well as a chakra-based technique to hide even more against someone who was so chakra-sensitive he did needn’t chakra sensory techniques to feel chakra, it was essentially a light flickering on and off due to the abilities being used were practically antithesis. Not only that, but not many were moving around this late at night so it made it even easier. The other team of assassins would also have similar experiences to this team with them having images of the Saikōdaihyō behind them.

Meanwhile, the four had been welcomed in with a smile and the four made their way looking around in captivation. They also returned the smiles, but they were more so focussed on the building than the kunoichi, scoping it out essentially. They hadn’t even glanced at her once until she had begun speaking. “Why thank you,” the Saikōdaihyō replied charmingly to the woman. “The welcome has been quiet … welcoming.” In the meantime, the other three spread out to the corners of the room with no intention of interrupting the conversation or anything that was occurring. They had merely merged into the background and were only spectators. Finally, the Saikōdaihyō replied to the other woman, “Oh my! I wished I looked as young as you,” he exclaimed excitedly, “Your skin is beautiful and young. While mine is becoming old and wrinkly” he touched his perfect, flawless skin with his finger. “Well, I’m getting there.” He giggled, “Anyways, let us get down to business, shall we? Where is that beautiful, muscular Raikage of yours.”


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The assassins who had been tracking the group through the streets and alleyways had eventually lost them due to the fact they were only observing from instead of on the ground as well, though this was to scout the rest of the village as well. As such, the one they were tracking appeared on the roof with them, but even then things were still working in their advantage since there was a group of them together and the guy had only appeared behind 2. As such, another assassin revealed himself by unmerging with the darkness of the night which also revealed a sword with a serrated blade right by the neck of the visitor. "Yea, that is so... Lord Yaro doesn't have us doing anything, we're simply following procedure to keep an eye on unknown visitors. Especially those who're sneaking through alleyways. If our job was to assassinate you, you'd be dead already. Now, explain why you're sneaking through our village at 1AM." When the other 2 the guy has appeared behind, these 2 also revealed themselves with Kunai already in position to strike should the situation cause for it. Not only was this happening here, but the other groups as well who were around the village, should their person in question look closer, he'd see their eyes were not only rippled, but had different shades of purple throughout the entire eye with a style similar to that of the infamous Rinnegan, to the intruder it was unknown if this was the color of their natural eyes or their dojutsu being active. "If you're here for a legit reason or have any braincells to begin with, you'd know that the recent attack on all villages has everyones guard up. And sneaking around at night like an idiot put you in the position of being tracked. You don't seem all that bright." Usually in these type of circumstances, assassins would waste no time in disposing of the intruders, but this particular group were more curious as to why Land Of Earth shinobi were sneaking around instead of simply walking through the village in a normal fashion. There were many factors that played into the situation so one shouldn't be surprised that the assassins were following and observing them. "Don't try anything funny, that's the only warning you'll get." There was no need to for compressing their chakra since things had already escalated to such a level.



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“Tch coming back to the village can be a pain.”

A lone figure who had white locks styled standing up wearing a standard Kumo chunin vest, wearing black Anbu style pants, behind his back would be a wolf headed handle and guard the white haired male would utter beneath his breath hands stuffed into his black Anbu pants pockets whilst he walks the streets of Kumogakure catching the stares of a few civilians, though not of his hair as apparently those of who lived in Kumo tend to have lighter hair but the reason he caught a few looks it were a small portion of his reputation and a much larger potion of it being due to the seal on his right bicep that being a symbol of having something sealed within. Stopping in his track he raises his nose to the wind,taking in a couple sniffs he smirks showing larger than normal canines, continuing his walk in a much brisker pace taking him just minutes later, he’d arrive to a small dango shop, his stomach growls at the smell and aight quickly he enters the shop and takes a seat at the serving counter, and a worker inside behind the counter notes his entry and goes to take his order.

Minutes later one would find the red eyes figure waking amongst the village his destination in mind the Raikage’s office, some time pass and he’d arrive at the office building entering and the closer he gets to the office room he get a foreboding feeling even Zen’aku within him were telling him to be on his toes, he nears the Raikage office door and he calls out.

“Oi Raikage-oji you in there came looking to take on a mission.”
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